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Ukraine Video Guide was created to aid travelers to Ukraine.

We are a small team of travel enthusiasts who have seen how some foreigners have arrived to a new country without proper guidance to optimize their trip. Without solid tools for pre-planning, travelers have had to rely on limited resources to get them organized for such travels.

We have looked at our own experiences and how on our first trips to East Europe we spent half our time trying to find a good nightclub and struggle finding restaurants that met our tastes and budgets as well as struggle to identify the best places to meet ladies.

Usually we ended up losing a lot of time and ending up in the wrong places.

We wish this guide were available to us 10 years ago!

The goal of our website is to:

  • Make your travels the most efficient...to save you money, save you time
  • Maximize your fun – check out the cool nightclubs, cafes, museums, and culture of a foreign land
  • Limit the likelihood of you being scammed or taken advantage of
  • Complement/assist in identifying places to meet quality ladies
  • Convince first-timers to make the plunge and visit this unique and wonderful country!

On our site contains information to assist all travelers to Ukraine including:

  • Vacationers as well as Business Travelers and Ex-Pats
  • Single People as well as Couples
  • Families with Child or Not

Our first visit to the former USSR was over 10 years ago and since then, we have made some 40 or so trips to East Europe. We have been to nearly 70 countries and understand what issues a traveler may face. We've seen Ukraine grow and change since the first visit in 2005 during the Orange Revolution and we hope to educate people of its beautiful people and landscape.

We currently spend part of the year in Ukraine and the other time back home assembling our content. Between our staff and our western colleagues and network of local Ukrainian friends, we hope we can put together a website that you will find entertaining and of considerable value.

Ukraine Video Guide Staff