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The city selector tool is a quick and affordable way to evaluate the various cities of Ukraine. We ask you to rate how important several factors are in choosing a potential city to visit.

We have rated each city on 8 major categories and 50 detailed attrinbutes. We then take your inputs and do a weighted calculation to determine a final score for 14 cities in Ukraine.

We will then provide you the results -- the highest scores are the cities that are deemed to be the most potentially best suited for you.

This is an email-based service. Contact us at info@ukrainevideoguide.com to request the City Selector Questionnaire Form to be sent to you.

Don’t end up with “city remorse”. Optimize your trip - Find out which Ukrainian cities are best suited for you BEFORE you arrive!

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How to Order

Step One

Email us atinfo@ukrainevideoguide.com to request a questionnaire

Step Two

We will send you the questionnaire and a "payment request" link in our e-mail

Step Three

Complete the questionnaire, save it, and email it back to us

Step Four

Make payment via the payment request” link in our e-mail Payment can be made using: