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Our thoughts are with the local citizens of Donetsk dealing with hardships.

When the situation ultimately returns back to a normalized condition, we will expand our travel-based content of the region. Until then we will do not encourage travel to the area.

We hope for a safe conclusion to the conflict. dove

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Donetsk has a city population of around 1 million and about 1.5 when including the overall metropolitan area. This makes Donetsk the fifth largest city in overall size.

With a new state-of-the-art soccer stadium and park facility, a newly renovated park on the riverside, and new shopping areas, the city is making a claim as one of the hippest cities in Ukraine. Much of this was attributed to Donetsk being one of the four Ukrainian host cities for the 2012 Euro Soccer tournament.

The city, located in the east of Ukraine is not as heavily traveled as some of its counterparts, despite a new airport terminal and speed train options. Donetsk is the capital of the Donbass region and is the most influential city east of Kharkiv.

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Tourist Information

"Things to Do"/Sightseeing Attractions in Donetsk

Donetsk is a very "green" city, both naturally and man-made. Beautiful fountains were placed through the city and come to life under the night-time lights. A "must-see" is the large urban park called Scherbakov Park of Culture and Leisure. Here you can rent paddle boats, attend the Nemo Dolphinarium, go to the Aqua Sferra Aqua-Park, ride a roller-coaster and see live music. The park includes a lovely lagoon.

Attending a soccer match at the Donbass Arena to watch Champions league Shaktar perform is a fun and inexpensive event. The outside park, including the Museum of the Great Patriotic War is a great pre-game way to spend your time. The ArtDonbass Art Exhibition can be found just below the MGPW.

Donetsk offers a wide range of other attractions such as the Donetsk Planaterium, Forged Figures Park and the Donetsk (Horse) Equicentre .

Donetsk Nightlife & Entertainment

Donetsk nightlife continues to grow. Unfortunately the hot spots are spread through the city. Our upcoming videos will showcase cool discos like Litza, Fort Knox, Shaktar Plaza Disco and Virus. Don't forget cool lounges like Liverpool or Tribune Lounge (at the Arena) and what about grabbing a pint at Stargorod, Golden Lion or John Hughes Brewery(good food too).

Dining In Donetsk

The dining scene in Donetsk is somewhat limited for a city of its size. Many trendy places are centered between Artema and Pushkina Boulevards. Other places we recommend to consider include Bassano del Grappa (Italian), Pushkin (Continental) , Kabuki, Tanuki, (Sushi), Bulvar (Ukrainian), Victoria (Panoramic View) and E-Moe (Outside landscaping). For those desperately looking for the Puzata Hata listed in some older guides, please note it is closed.

Cafes & Lounges in Donetsk

Looking for a café or people-watching lounge? Head over to Pushkina Boulevard, the long walking area that features numerous places. Millennium, Sun City as well as Mojito Club, Crème, Traveler's Coffee, and Ba-na-na are just a few places we will feature in upcoming videos.