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A typical international trip can easily take up to 30 or 40 hours of planning and finalizing, especially if it's to a country you have never been to before. Doing this research blindly with all the information (and dis-information) out there will definitely lead to second-guessing some of your ultimate decisions.

Why not let us do the grunt work for you? Let us come up with some suggested concepts including a variety of options (1 city versus 2 or 3 city trip for example).

Our suggested itineraries will take into consideration:

  • Your budget (total and per diem preference for lodging and meals, etc.)
  • Amount of days you are considering
  • Time of year your are considering
  • Main and secondary objectives of the trip
  • How well versed you are with international (and East European) travel

The delivered itineraries will include:

  • Flight suggestions (Flight #s/times)
  • Lodging suggestions (hotels & apartments - locations near main centre)
  • Intra-country travel recommendations (times/locations) between cities
  • Restaurant, nightlife, and walking tour suggestions

This service complements our city selector tool very well. While we will not do any of the bookings for you, we will provide suggested companies to actually process your bookings if needed. This is an email-based service. This service is offered at the introductory price of $49.99 (Normal price of $89.99).

Limited Time Offer — Introductory Rate!

Normally $89.99!

Now just $49.99!

Save 33% by ordering now!!

How to Order

Step One

Email us at: 

1) Your Profile - (Answer the 5 bullets to the left)

2) Your Key Plans - Cities, Date(s) (Anything you have decided on so far)

Step Two

We will confirm receipt of your email. We may ask some additional questions to finalize our customized tinerary for you.

Make payment via the "Payment request" link in our e-mail

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