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The city of Kherson, located in the southern part of Ukraine, is an important port for the Dnipro River and Black Sea. There is a large shipbuilding industry here.

The city has a population of 329,000 and is about 3 hour drive east of Odessa.

The city has numerous parks in the city centre and a centralized walking-only street called Suvorova. In the past three years the city has been fortunate to have a couple new shopping complexes spruce up offering more shopping, eating and entertainment options than in years past.

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Tourist Information

"Things to Do"/Sightseeing Attractions in Kherson

Kherson is a fairly centralized city and easy to take in many of its sites.

Slava (Freedom) Park bumps up against the Dnieper (Dnipro) River. Just North is Lenin Park and Lenin Komolsol Park, and Spartak Stadium. Our "things to do" video will showcase where you can go ice skating, go karting, and the best spot to take in the river.

Fabrika Mall is the largest of the new shopping options in Kherson, and is located 10 minutes taxi from the city centre.

Suvorova Street is the pedestrian street for people-watching and finding some cafes and shopping.

Kherson Nightlife & Entertainment

Kherson is a modest city, however, there are some nightlife options available, especially on weekends.

Amigo's/Double Club is the place to go if looking for disco with dancing, however, note it's a good 10 minute taxi away from the city centre. Note there are two floors of dance options here.

Several other options exist for visitors including pubs and lounges. Check out our nightlife video to see places such as John Howard Pub, Chocolade, and BeerBar.

Dining In Kherson

Kherson offers many dining choices for a visitor. Some preferred places include Nostalgia, Borjoius, Ursus, Forsage, Lighthouse Sushi, and Solo Sushi & Pizza. Check out our dining video to see additional options including affordable lunch places.

Cafes & Lounges in Kherson

Landa Café, Scorini, and Iceberg Café are some of the popular cafes and lounges featured in our cafes videos. Check it out!