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Our thoughts are with the local citizens of Lugansk dealing with hardships.

When the situation ultimately returns back to a normalized condition, we will expand our travel-based content of the region. Until then we will do not encourage travel to the area.

We hope for a safe conclusion to the conflict. dove

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Lugansk (Luhansk) is the most eastern-based large city of Ukraine, with the Russian border being 1 hour drive from the city center. In 2013 the population was estimated at 425,000 people.

Founded in 1795, it was once known as Voroshilovgrad.

The city is well known for its industrial focused economy, including supporting the metals and locomotive industries.

The city is typically a 3-4 hour drive from the Donetsk airport.

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Tourist Information

"Things to Do"/Sightseeing Attractions in Lugansk

Lugansk offers both indoor and outdoor sightseeing possibilities, and guided tours are suggested for those who want to really take in the history and culture of the city.

The Museum of Local Lore, Lugansk History Museum, Fine Arts Museum, Russian Drama Theatre and Dahl (House) Museum are four popular cultural stops. Have kids? The Lugansk Circus is an option.

The Aviation Technical Museum is an amazing outdoor museum on the south part of the city where you can walk past a bevy of helicopters, jets and other civilian and military aircraft. There is also an indoor section of the museum that captures Ukrainian aviation history.

According to Wikipedia, archaeologists recently announced that an ancient structure had been discovered near Lugansk, which was reported as a pyramid-like structure pre-dating Eqypt by at least 300 years. The stone foundations of the structure were said to resemble Aztec and Mayan pyramids. The site is still being analyzed to determine its true shape and purpose.

Lugansk Nightlife & Entertainment

Lugansk offers a variety of pubs, lounges and discos. Chelsea is an English pub right in the heart of the city centre. Popular discos on weekends include Barhat ("Velvet"), Colisseum (for the younger set), Apelsin, Gagarin, and Opera.

Karaoke is very popular in Lugansk. Almost every lounge offers Karaoke.

Dining In Lugansk

The dining scene in Lugansk is mostly focused on the city center area. Popular places include Silver, Korona, Mafia, and DaVinci,

Lunch ideas include Dva Gusta (Two Geese), Melrose Americana or the McDonalds located away from the city centre near the University on the west side of town. This is a 10 minute taxi ride.

Cafes & Lounges in Kherson

Looking for a café or people-watching lounge? Some of the places in the city center that people commonly use at meeting places include Zebra Lounge, DeFleur, and Fashion Cafe

There are just a few places we will feature in future videos.