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Nikolaev is on the southern rim of Ukraine, about 2.5 hours east of Odessa by car.

The city was historically one of the most important ship building centers in all of East Europe and also boasts of one of the best Zooparks in Ukraine. Nikolaev has a population of over 500,000 people and thus can be considered “mid-sized” by Ukrainian standards.

Nikolaev is commonly referred to as “city of brides” due to its popularity in international dating.

The city is also a “city of water” as both the Inhul and Buh rivers flow through the city in winding patterns, offering a very distinct topography for the city. Most of Nikolaev’s history is tied to its rivers and the proximity to the Black Sea.

Our forthcoming videos will help educate you on some of the top places in Nikolaev as well as secret gems and fantastic romantic date suggestions. Stay tuned!

Check out our videos to learn more about the top places in Nikolaev as well as secret gems and fantastic dining suggestions.

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Tourist Information

“Things to Do”/Sightseeing Attractions in Nikolaev

While Nikolaev doesn’t offer as much as Kiev, Odessa or Lviv, it does have several hidden gems for those looking for good date ideas or to add some culture to your Ukrainian experience.

Nikolaev’s Zoopark is widely considered to be the best in Ukraine. On our visits there, we have been caught up in the excitement of seeing many animals not common in the western hemisphere.

Another place that exceeded our expectations is the Nikolaev Museum of Shipbuilding & Fleet. Albeit modest in size, it offers some cool artifacts covering different periods of time.

Although most may not consider it to be pretty at first sight, the old shipyard just north of Sovetskaya offers a unique feel to Nikolaev’s history. The walk itself however allows you to take in the Lenin Statue, St. Nicholas Chapel and the 68 Paratroopers Monument all very appealing sites and good for some good photos.

For those spending more than a day or two in town, Nikolaev offers numerous fun activities such as indoor ice skating, boat rentals, as well as numerous parks, cinemas, billiards, karaoke and bowling.

Nikolaev Nightlife & Entertainment

Despite a population of under 1 million people, Nikolaev does offer some decent nightlife, especially on the weekends.

For those looking for excitement during the week, your best bet might to be hang out in the lounges in the city center such as Monarch, or some outdoor café on Sovetskaya. Discos such as Storm and Caprica are open every night but are hit or miss Sunday through Thursday.

On weekends your options multiply. Caprica is one of the most dynamic indoor discos in all of Europe. Definitely check it out if your schedule allows.

Our forthcoming videos will highlight other places less well known such as Patrick’s Pub, DaVinci, Dusk til Dawn, King Baron, Ushuaia and Mazza among others.

Bowling, Billiards and Karaoke can be found at the City Center.

Dining In Nikolaev

Many people come to Nikolaev for the international dating prospects. Our forthcoming videos will highlight numerous romantic spots, covering all types of budgets. Our dining reviews will cover places such as Shambala, Veranda, Pirog, Samovar, Portofino, Yakitoria and many others.

For the budget-conscious Nikolaev offers many options like McDonalds, DeGusto, Marlo, Viva Italiano, and New York Pizza.

Cafes & Lounges in Nikolaev

One of the best people-watching places in Nikolaev is the pedestrian street Sovetskaya. Numerous cafes and lounges can be found here including Provence and Monarch. For those willing to walk a few blocks, cool cafes like Griffel, Café 101, Traveler Blues and Café do Brasil are worthy of a visit.