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The city of Dnipropetrovsk is located in the very central part of Ukraine, and is the 4th largest city in the country with a population of 1 million inhabitants.

Despite being a closed city up until the 1990s, the city is now growing quickly with many shopping centers, restaurants and upscale fashion. The city is growing as a business centre for Ukraine and is attracting more foreign investment, partially due to its international airport.

The city is located right on the Dnipro river and this acts as a central gathering place for young and old alike. Despite its size, the city is not heavily traveled by foreign tourists and thus it is a good option for those seeking out a place with many things to do yet not trampled by foreigners.

Places of interest include: Museum of History, Monument of Glory, Military Museum, shopping on the main street Karl Marksa Prospect, a walk down by the riverside or a journey in the spring or summer to Monastyrsky Island.

Dining options include Mimino, Mishi Blyahera, Felicita, Melrose, Le Grand, TGI Friday's and numerous Puzata Hutas. Nightlife options include Shamrock Irish Pub, Loft Beer Pub, Cotton Bar, Labyrinth, and the popular Reporter.

The city of Sumy is in the far north region of Ukraine. It has a population of 283,000 however it has a feel of a city a bit smaller and quainter than that.

Although fairly close to Poltava, that road is not well paved and thus Sumy is not as visited by foreigners as it might otherwise be. The city has a very centralized city centre with modest cafes, and restaurants built just off the Psel river.

The city has some impressive cathedrals and parks in its city centre and a bit more nightlife than one might expect from a remote city like this.

Dining options in Sumy include Fanconi, Shafran, Zdybanka, Shinok, and New York Pizza. A McDonald's can be found in the city centre. Sumy nightlife options include O'Gradys Pub, Pub Peshera, Modjo, Astoria, and Monti.

Uman is a small town located right in the dead centre of Ukraine, due south of Kiev by about 3 hours by bus.

The town has slightly less than 100,000 people in it. Despite its small size it is a possible tourist destination for two reasons: a) It's a common bus stop between the highway connecting Kiev and Odessa, and b) it has one of Ukraine's prettiest and most famous arboretums, named Sofiyivsky Park. The park has nearly 500,000 visitors annually. The rest of the city is very modest and dining options are focused right around the park and bus terminal.

The city of Zaporizhia (Zaporozhye) is located in southeast Ukraine, about 1 hour from Dnipropetrovsk. Currently, it is the 6th largest city in Ukraine with just over 750,000 people.

The Dnipro river splits the city and in the river you can visit Khortytsia Island, deemed a national park. There is considerable history here with archeological finds claiming nomads inhibited this area going back two to three thousand years, and numerous wars over the ages.

Zaporizhia has considerable hard-core industry such as iron, coal and metallurgy as well as electrical generation tied to the regional dams in the area. A massive dam is located in the city limits and offers tremendous views.

Aristokrat, Bellini, Villa Oliva, Santa Fe and Banzai are popular dining spots in Zaporizhia while Jolly Roger, Music Hall, Kefir Lounge Bar, and Cosmic Bowling are common nightclubs to consider.

Zhytomyr (Zhitomir) is a relatively small town 1 hour west of Kiev. The city has a population of 265,000 people. Surrounded by trees all around it and with some hilly terrain, Zhytomyr makes for a pretty setting especially in the fall.

Zhytomyr has been a main transportation hub as it connects Minsk, Kiev, and Warsaw and the renovated M6 highway makes it a faster trip to Kiev than previous. The Korolyov Astronautical Museum is the place most locals suggest checking out. The Nature Museum and Lore Museum are other options. Zhytomyr has many parks including Gagarin Park and Zamkova Hora Park.

Zhytomyr has many quaint cafes and a few cozy restaurants lining its main street, Kievska Street including a modern mall that features an indoor skating rink, several cafes and a food court.