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Poltava is located in the north part of Ukraine about a five hour drive from Kiev. The population is just under 300,000. The city has considerable history to it with several famous wars fought on its land, including Lithuanian, Polish, Swedish, German, Ottoman, and Russian battles over the years.

The international highway M3 (E40) connects Kiev and Kharkiv through here and thus it's become somewhat of a more common stopping point compared to other cities of its size.

The city has numerous parks and memorials to the various battles and is considered one of the "greenest" and prettiest cities in Ukraine.

Our forthcoming videos will highlight many of the things to do and highlight the best restaurants regardless of your budget and taste.

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Tourist Information

"Things to Do"/Sightseeing Attractions in Poltava

Some of the most famous Ukrainian battles took place in the north part of Poltava. Numerous sites are worthy of visiting for those history buffs. These lands mark the end of the Swedish empire and the rising of the Russian empire at the turn of the 18th century.

The Museum of the Battle of Poltava is worthy of a visit. Immediately across the street is the St. Sampsoniy Church and the Memorial Rotunda in Honor of those Fallen in the Great Battle, aka the Russian Warrior Bed of Honor.

The most popular sightseeing stop is the White Arbor, AKA the Rotunda of the Friendship of Peoples. This is a famous place for photos of newlyweds, vacationers, and just about anyone. But don't overlook the "Museum" of Ivan Kotlyarevskogo, just around the corner. This mini-village will take you back in time to "old Poltava".

Our videos will offer many other ideas, whether on your own, trying to impress a new date, or wanting to learn more about the local history.

Poltava Nightlife & Entertainment

Poltava's nightlife is quite modest. For those seeking some nightlife during your stay we strongly suggest wrapping a visit around the weekend. Within walking distance of the city center is the Split Entertainment Complex, Podium and Europa, all with dance floors. The Split complex also offers up a cinema and a large karaoke lounge.

For those willing to take a taxi, the Lucamorie Café-Bar outside of town has drawn many favorable reviews.

Our forthcoming videos will also hightlight other places worth checking out after the sun goes down.

Dining In Poltava

Poltava offers several good dining options and in the majority of the cases, the prices can be considered quite favorable. Upcoming dining reviews will feature places such as Msaynoy Dvorik, Glukhomen, and Amore Mio, Zefir, Kyoto-Bar, and Celetano Pizza are other popular places right in the center.

For those fast food eaters, Poltava has one McDonalds but it is outside of the city by the highway. We will showcase other good spots for grabbing a lunch near your hotel or apartment. A couple spots to hunt down is Chicken Hut and Burger Club.

Cafes & Lounges in Poltava

CafeIn, Dominik, and Kofe Terra are just three of the many popular cafes in Poltava. During summer months, its sometimes to get seats at many of the outdoor cafes – our videos will showcase the places we like and offer suggestions for some hidden gems worth checking out.