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"Everybody is an expert on the internet" or so it seems. Unfortunately there is considerable information that is contradictory in nature on the internet. What information is from the "guru" who actually only visited once versus the people who have been there countless times over the past decade? No one knows for sure.

Our Question & Answer (Q&A) service is an affordable way to cut through the conflicting information out there so that you can obtain legitimate inputs. We work with our network of local colleagues to aid in providing information that is useful and accurate.

Sample questions may include:

- I'm self-employed and looking for possible medical insurance that I feel will comfortably cover me in Ukraine if I stay their long-term

- What is the best time of year to visit (insert city)? How many days do you suggest if I want to also spend time in Kiev and my trip is 9 days total?

- I plan to meet a lady in Kherson. Which way do you suggest getting there? I have not booked my flights yet. I am on a tight budget. I live in New York.

- I am wondering what options I have if I want to stay more than 90 days at a time?

The Q&A service pricing is contingent on the depth of answer provided and the quality of the answer provided.

We are offering two levels of email Q&A:

  • Basic answer - $5 (1-2 paragraphs)
  • Detailed answer - $10 (3 or more paragraphs)

We will provide a quoted price to you after you submit your question(s). You are under no obligation to proceed with after receiving our quote

How to Order

Step One

Email us with your question(s) receive quote 

Step Two

If our quote is acceptable, make payment via the “payment request” link in our e-mail

Payment can be made using:

Paypal account not required

Step Three

Upon payment receipt, we will email your answers back to you.