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Many single people know the awkwardness of going to a disco or restaurant by themselves.

Adding in a new city/country, a foreign language, and concerns of dealing with taxis, face control, and where to go on a certain night, and it all can add up to a lot of anxiety.

Let us take over! How about hitting the town with a local companion who "knows the ropes" and makes sure it goes safely and efficiently. And have fun!

This service is dependent on our colleagues' availability in your city on that particular day, however, we will attempt to support you especially if you provide us enough advance notice.

Our network of "side-kicks" speak English, Russian, Spanish, and French. Some female translators are also available if you prefer that over a male "wing".

Pricing will vary depending on availability and city. On average the price will be about $20 per hour (first 4 hours) and $15 each hour after.

Email us at info@ukrainevideoguide.com if you would like to check availability on the city/date(s) of your visit. An order form for $20 deposit will be sent once you and our in-country person have confirmed time/date availability and estimated duration.

How to Order

Step One

Email us at 

1) City, Date(s) & Time Desired

2) Approximate duration
3) Details of Plans

Step Two

We will confirm receipt of your email and confirm if any of our 'sidekicks' are available for city/dates requested.

If yes, we will include a "Payment request" link in our e-mail

Step Three

Make Downpayment of $20.00. Payment can be made using:

Paypal account not required