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Ukraine Video Guide has a wide range of travel planning services to assist you. We make planning and implementing a trip much more comforting and put your worries to ease.

Our goal is to maximize the likelihood of having an optimized and successful journey. We hope to assist in the planning phase and during the trip as you may require.
Our Services are broken up into TWO categories:


Check out our pages on our pre-trip planning support services.

Pre-trip services can be ordered online following our step by step “How to” on the appropriate landing pages. Email us if any questions at info@ukrainevideoguide.com.

Q&A Services - Email

Got Some questions and looking for advice? Let our team guide you in the right direction!

Q&A Services - Skype

Looking for answers in a more dynamic "back and forth" style conversation? Consider our personalized 1-1, phone call service.

Itinerary Planner

Don't have time or knowledge to put together an efficient schedule for your trip? Let us handle the hassles!

Multi-City Trip Planning

Our country-wide team of local ambassadors allow us to support your multi-city travels in an efficent way. From personal pickups at train stations to helping you purchase bus/train tickets and getting you to your apartment, we make your travels go smoothly


To assist your in-country experiences, our local ambassadors are ready to assist with a number of support services.

Visit our In-country Services webpages to learn more.

Currently in-country services are available in the following cities:

Traditional Services

These services range from pick up at the airport/train pickup, tour excursions, flower delivery, security services, to boat rentals. Service availability does vary by city and seasonally as well as possible schedule limitations. Below are some of more popular requests:

Apartment Rentals

Looking for unique lodging offerings? From suburbam BBQ living in Kiev to luxurious flats in Odessa overlooking the Black sea, we have some fantastic finds. Check current prices for great deals!

Intra & Inter City Transfers

Whether looking for a simple transfer from the airport to your hotel or looking for best travel options between 2 cities, let us quote you on our industry best rates!

Flower & Teddy Bear Deliveries

Why do some agencies only show photos of flower delivery to their office? Our flower service gets the flowers to her home with a confirmation of time and date of delivery.

Customized Tours

Our ambassadors are specialists in giving local tours, in particular to the hard to reach places. How about checking out Yanukovich’s former Estate? An outdoor folk museum? Historic battles sites? Religious focused tours? No problem!

Sidekick/Wingman Program

Looking for someone to personally show you around and keep you company during your free time in Ukraine? Our local ambassadors make for great “wingmen” and translators.

Personal and Business Translations

Not sure if you are getting your message across? Our translators are independent and won’t take a bias stance in the way of your personal or business dealings.

Email us at info@ukrainevideoguide.com if you have any questions on our services.

Premiere Services

Don’t end up with making “new guy” mistakes. Optimize your trip – Use our premiere support services before and during your trip.

Personal Services (Ideal for “first-timers to Ukraine”)

East Europe can be a challenging place to figure our culturally and logistically. Add in the Cryllic language and even seasoned travelers can face some unexpected hurdles. Let us take the “I don’t know what I don’t know” out of the equation. Our champerone-conseirge style support is a scalable service that you turn to as little or as much as you need during your trip. We are there when needed!

Executive Service

Are you an executive or a jet-set style traveler looking for premiere-level service and attention? Our ambassadors have great experience catering to your demanding needs and will go out of the way to make your Ukraine visit a first-class experience.

Luxury Services

Looking to be pampered? Consider our elite level services during your trip to Ukraine. Five star hotel suites, chauffeur services, spa and massage offerings,champagne dinners and more. Let us know your desired services, and let us take care of the rest.

Business Conferences

Our team has experience hosting major multi-national firms’ special events. West and Central Ukraine are wonderful places to host business conferences, seminars and exhibitions. Or tag along some of the big events like fashion week and let us help with party planning.

Pre-Trip Planning Services Intro Video

In-Country Services Intro Video

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